My everything.

I don't take nearly enough pictures of my kids. Well, let me rephrase that...I take a TON of pictures of my kids, with my iPhone. But not enough with my professional camera. It's time I start honoring the message I give my clients: this moment in life is fleeting. Take the picture. Print it out, frame it, save it.

If you know my kids, you know them as sweet, respectful kids. And, this is true. But I also know them as two siblings who don't seem to get along very often. There's a fine line with them between playing and fighting, like SUPER fine line. It's easily crossed over, on the daily. So, getting them to behave together for pictures is a challenge. Especially for my son, who is really good at being a 7 year old boy - if you can stop him enough to take a picture, you better make sure it was good on the first try. Because if you ask him to take it again, the next picture won't be nearly as cute, if you can catch my drift, lol!

But then there are the tender moments between the two of them where, if I'm not paying attention, I can easily miss. Like the picture of the two of them dancing. I missed the first half of it photographing my good friend's daughter. Michelle was the one who pointed out what was happening behind me. Luckily she did! I now have photographic PROOF that they like each other! And, blackmail for when they're teens - SCORE!!!

Here are the Moore Kids, Fall of 2017.

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