We get a huge variety of senior emotions when our clients work with us; some are excited about being a ‘model for a day’ and can’t wait to strike a pose, and others cringe at the mere mention of being in front of a camera. It can be really nerve-wracking to be with someone who is basically a stranger (your photographer), and posing for images that will be preserved for years to come…it’s a lot of pressure!

But, you don’t need to stress. It’s our goal to make things easier on you and your nerves.

Here’s a few tips for calming down anxiety as your big day approaches:

-Know your photographer wants the best for you! Whether your photographer is a close friend or someone you’ve just met, know that they want the very best images for you. They truly want to celebrate your story and help you, and if they push you to try new things, it’s usually because they know you can do it!

-Have an open mind: Your photographer has a great creative vision. Trust us, most photographers have this vision, and sometimes it means you’ll be wading into water on a beach, or strutting your stuff in an urban, downtown shopping center, but going into your session with an open mind and a great attitude will reflect in your photos.

-Get plenty of sleep and protein in the night before and morning of: No matter what time you have booked your session, be sure to get lots of rest and eat a healthy meal or two beforehand. Having a full stomach makes your head clearer and protein can calm down an anxious stomach. It can also prevent nervous headaches, which can make everything seem stressful. If you are so nervous you can’t eat a heavy meal, try a smoothie or protein drink to keep your energy up.

-Trust your photographer and ask questions: Most photographers love having clients ask them questions. If everyone feels comfortable and prepared, the sessions always go much easier for both parties! If you’re worried about a big pimple that appeared right before your shoot or you are self conscious about your weight or height, tell your photographer so they can help find poses you’ll feel great about.

Lastly, have fun! It’s hard to be stressed out when you're laughing and having a good time, so do your best to enjoy the moment. You’re making a memory, not just snapping some photos, so you want those memories to be beautiful and peaceful. We want your senior session to be something you look back on and smile about every time you see your photos….even years down the road.