“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.” - Ronald Reagan

The world can be a cruel, sad place with all the hate and discrimination happening all the time. A lot of this haste could be eliminated if people took the time to be kind and help out in any way they can. Some people might not put in the effort to help the world but you can with these 10 simple ideas.


There are so many opportunities to help out your community by donating your time. Contact your local animal shelter or nursing home and ask what you can do to help. They are always grateful for helping hands.


This small act may seem meaningless but nobody realizes how impactful smiling at someone can be. If someone is going through a rough time, flash them a smile and watch their mood instantly lift a little.


Tell someone you like their outfit. Let a friend know how pretty their makeup looks that day. You know receiving a compliment would make your day, so give one out to someone else to better their day.


Everyone you meet is going through something hard that you have no idea about. If you knew the kind of things a person deals with, you would think twice about the things you say and think. Being kind costs nothing so spend it everywhere you can.


Despite political ideologies, religions, and morals, every person is worthy of respect. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and you’ll learn to see their side of things. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.


Sometimes, all a person needs is a friend to listen to them. Bottling your emotions up leads to an inevitable blow up so it's important to let your emotions out. Be that person people go to to let it all out.


There is only one Earth and sadly it is dying. People take the planet for granted but it can’t handle all the trash and destruction people release onto it. There is a simple solution to save the earth and that is to recycle and reduce your waste. Treat mother nature with the love and respect she deserves.


How many items of clothing do you have sitting in your closet right now that you never wear? There are a lot of people out there that would greatly benefit from those clothes so donate them! Someone else needs them a lot more than you do and you can make room for new clothes. Win win!


Every year, there are thousands of tragic circumstances where people need blood transfusions to live. Your blood could be the reason someone else keeps breathing. If you are healthy enough to donate your blood or plasma, call your local donation center and help out. It's not as scary as you think!


Maybe the most overlooked action is saying a simple thank you. When people go out of the way to do things for you, let them know how much you appreciate them by saying thank you!

There are so many other ways to change the world but the one thing they all have in common is being selfless and kind to others. The next time you fell down and depressed, find a way to make a difference in your community.